wag•gl (wăg’ əl) v. – To ask one open-ended question that gets rapid feedback and sparks engagement from a group.

"It's like SurveyMonkey, but faster, more engaging, and better for making decisions."CEO
"Waggl's one of the fastest and most engaging group discovery and decision processes I've ever experienced."CEO
"Waggl really delivers! It took just a few days to get insights that would have taken months with focus groups, surveys, email chains. We now have clear employee feedback – vetted and prioritized by employees themselves – that we can act on immediately."Head of Decision Support
"The rating process showed us the best ideas. That allowed everyone to take action faster."Training Manager
"Using Waggl, Forum attendees were able to share the output of the conference -- the best practices from all the international sports and the Olympic Federations -- with their teams which is what our conference set out to achieve."Head of Projects
"Waggl enabled me to quickly identify and prioritize the key issues in our sales leadership -- a process that could have taken multiple surveys and many phone calls to yield actionable results. Pure magic!"VP, Marketing
"Waggl is a technology marvel – easily one of the most powerful and user friendly tools I’ve ever used."HR Manager
Waggl is a fun and effective way for me to capture takeaways from faculty and staff that demonstrate the impact of our 'We Are Lone Star' program. Waggl also provides slick infographics that makes sharing and acting on the results really easy."HR Manager

Engage People. Make Decisions Together.

It’s simple: Ask a question. Create a dialog around the answers. Use the results to make faster decisions and take more informed action.